Hit Smart Football

Safer brain, better game.††

while football will always be about hitting, it obviously canít be about hitting with the head any longer.


Hit Smart Football is a new idea about hitting in football that takes the time-tested hitting principles of the Sweet Science and translates them into the hitting techniques players use on the football field.


Hit Smart believes the better prepared a player is to hit with his hands, the better prepared he is to not hit with his head.


Furthermore,players who know how to use their hands effectively play better football as well.† In one on one battles, the guy who can hit sooner, harder and faster has all the advantage.


Hit Smartís motto, ďSafer brain, better gameĒ means reducing the number of blows to the head each player is exposed to and improving performance at the same time.† Thatís exactly what Hit Smart training delivers.


Please visit our O line, D line and youth football pages to see videos of the Hit Smart program in action.

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The threat of CTE from repetitive blows to the head is real in football and the risk is a numbers game.† The more blows to the head a player takes, the more he is exposed to these risks.


New ideas about hitting in football are needed to offset these risks because